For First Time Registrants (i.e., no SS Number yet)

OFWs who prefer the point and click option in getting an SS Number may visit the SSS website and access the SS Number Online Issuance facility. After issuance of SS number, registrants are still reminded to submit their supporting document at any SSS office (may be at a later date) for UMID card application and availment of SSS loans & benefits.

For Existing SSS Members (i.e., with SS Number already)

Existing SSS members need not register anew as they may immediately resume payment of contributions as “Overseas Worker” using their existing SS Number. Those who cannot recall their SS Numbers may whatsapp the SSS at (65) 9639-5453 or through e-mail at to inquire about their records

The SS Number that will be issued is the member’s permanent SS Number, for use in all SSS transactions.

See List of Documentary Requirements for Registration in SSS (Issuance of SS Number)


The contribution is based on the member’s monthly salary credit (MSC), which is initially determined by the monthly earnings declared at the time of registration For OFW-members, the minimum MSC is set at P8,000; the maximum MSC, currently at P20,000, is the same as other SSS member types. The monthly contribution amount is computed by multiplying the member’s MSC with the prevailing SSS contribution rate (currently at 13%).  Thus, the minimum monthly contribution is P1,040, and the maximum is P2,600

The deadline for OFW contribution payments is as follows: (1) for applicable months of January to September, until December 31 of the applicable year; and (2) for October to December, until January 31 of the following year.

See New SSS Contribution Schedule (effective March 2019)


The SSS provides long-term and short-term benefits to members and/or their beneficiaries, subject to qualifying conditions. Benefits are closely linked to contributions, with the minimum pension guaranteed.  Higher contribution amount and longer contribution service translate to higher benefits to meet future needs.

The SSS extends loan privileges to members. For salary loan, the loanable amount is based on the member’s contribution amount and service. The SSS also offers direct housing loan exclusive to overseas Filipinos, subject to qualifying conditions.


1. An SSS OFW Member may apply for UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT by creating an SSS Online Account thru the “My SSS” website at

2. The Member must enroll his/her  Philippine Single Savings Account to the SSS Online Account System.

3. The Member must choose the E-Services tab – “Apply for Unemployment Benefit” and choose the  POLO Singapore Office to submit the following documentary requirements:

    • a. Termination Letter;
    • b. Singapore Work Permit/Pass;
    • c. Passport.

4. The Member will receive a Transaction Number.

5. The Member should book an appointment through THIS LINK. He/She must bring the Transaction Number to the Philippine Embassy – POLO Singapore Office (SSS Window) together with the COMPLETE documentary requirements listed above.

 See Summary of Benefits & Loan Privileges


Why is Flexi-fund a good savings-investment option?

Safe and secure savings, with guaranteed earnings

  • A provident-fund scheme designed to supplement pension benefits under the regular SSS program
  • Funds invested in fixed-income securities, thus more transparent and risk-free
  • Better yielding since interest rates are based on average rates of SSS’ short-term peso placements or 91-day Treasury bills, whichever is higher

What are the benefits under the Flexi-fund?

Accumulated funds, including interest earnings (net of management fees), to be disbursed as tax-free benefits

  • For member’s retirement, disability and death
  • Early withdrawal allowed anytime for urgent cash needs (with pre-termination fees if < 1-year retention)
  • Granting of Annual Incentive Benefits (AIB) to qualified active members

Who can qualify for Flexi-fund membership?

Exclusive to OFW-members paying maximum contributions under the regular SSS program

  • Register at any SSS local/foreign branch, or thru e-mail (form downloadable from SSS website)

How much can OFWs contribute in Flexi-fund?

Any amount, not lower than ₱200, paid in excess of required SSS contributions

  • Automatically credited to member’s Flexi-fund account once enrolled
  • No initial deposit or maintaining balance requirement, and also no prescribed ceiling on contribution amounts
  • Payment anytime, depending on capacity to save

 Where can OFWs pay their Flexi-fund contributions?

Payments accepted electronically at overseas offices and tie-ups of SSS-accredited collection partners

  • Option for members to remit, thru relatives in PHL, at SSS branch tellers and other accredited channels
  • Payment thru Internet and auto-debit arrangements also available for account holders of participating banks

The SSS charges a fee of 1% per annum of individual accumulated funds to cover the management cost of investment.


  • iRemit
  • Ventaja (Metrobank, Brunphil Express, Kabayan)
  • Philippine National Bank
  • BDO (A-Express, Steadfast MoneyTransfer, Kabayan)
  • AUB ( Redimoney)
  • online:


To download SSS forms, click here


SSS Singapore

SSS Representative:     Ms. Lucille Blesilda Simbol

Tel. no.:                        +6596395453



Tel. no.:                                               (632) 364-7796, 364-7798

Int’l Toll-Free Services (Singapore):        001-800-0225-5777


To book an appointment for SSS, PLEASE CLICK HERE.